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How do we do it?

360LMS supplies learning solutions to organisations in the SME market. 

If you are tasked with and/or concerned about the training and development of the people in your team or organisation, you should read more about 360LMS – or the 360 Learning Management System.

At 360LMS we offer you learning solutions to fit your organisation’s size and budget.  360LMS is fully scalable as you grow and your needs get more sophisticated. We take away the hassle of the technical aspects of managing an LMS – so you can focus on the learning aspects. If you wish, we can also accept outsourcing of the full talent management and/or learning and development function.

We are efficient, solution-driven and budget conscious.


What is an LMS?

Learning management system

LMS.  CMS. LCMS.  E-Learning.  Online Learning.  Virtual Learning.  Learning Analytics.  Reporting.  Etc., etc!

What you need is a system that will facilitate any type of learning and address all the needs – without worrying about the technical jargon.  A 360 learning management system (LMS) that does it all.  Integrated, holistic and dynamic.

What you want is an LMS that is scalable to your needs.  Start small and as you get more sopisticated, expand it to grow with you.  But it should never restrict your growth!  360LMS will manage your training strategy seamlessly between all your efforts, integrate with HR systems, and simplify your life as a talent developer.

The 360LMS puts you in charge!

360LMS is based on the world's leading LMS.
Well over 100,000 registered implementations worldwide supporting over 216 million learners in 242 countries!

Bring THE 360LMS into your school or business

360LMS supports almost all the current learning technologies.  Why not find out how it can benefit you and your educational institution or organisation? 



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Organisations, Training Businesses, NGO’s, Governments at all Levels …

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