360LMS for Business

Taking Business Learning into the Future

Your choices are as wide as your needs or your imagination might stretch.

Whether you want to start small, test the water or go all out and get a state-of-the-art setup, 360LMS can assist.

Five different levels of implementation allows for all needs, all sizes of organisations, all budgets!  Tell us how we can become your LMS partner.


How 360LMS Works:

360LMS L5

360LMS L4

360LMS L3

360LMS L2

360LMS L1

We can host one or more courses on your behalf on a 360LMS installation. We supply everything for the learners to access and complete the learning.

 You get some personal space on a 360LMS for your organisation, with some branding options.

You will have your own 360LMS installation on our server.  You will have full branding and customisation capabilities, chosen from the thousands of options that exist in the software.  SSO and other options are possible.

 You will have your own server with your own installation of the 360LMS software.   This server can be supplied by us or be an available compliant in-house server.

We can design and implement a custom implementation to satisfy your needs.

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